Why Steam Cleaning is Best for Jewelry

Your jewelry was probably shiny and gorgeous when you first got it.  If there were stones in the jewelry they probably shimmered in the light.  If those days have long gone and you are left with dull, lackluster jewelry you do not have to simply put it away in the jewelry box forever.  There are many jewelry cleaning solutions available for purchase but they are not meant to be used on all jewelry and in the end they do not really do a very good job.  You could also take your jewelry to be professionally cleaned but that can be costly, time consuming and just an all around hassle.  One of the best and most safe methods for cleaning jewelry is steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning is one of the most safe and effective methods of cleaning jewelry because it does not use any harsh chemicals or solutions that could possibly damage jewelry.  And, in addition to the risk of damaging jewelry you may then put that piece of jewelry on which means you are putting those harsh chemicals directly on your skin.  Most people are trying to eliminate chemicals from inside their home wherever possible and by steam cleaning your jewelry you are just extending a more safe and natural cleaning method throughout your home and life.  Most jewelry can be steam cleaned without risk of damage but it is always a good idea to check with the manufacturer before steam cleaning.  Pearls, semi-precious stones and opals should not be steam cleaned but diamonds, sapphires and rubies can safely be cleaned using steam.  Steam is pressurized and focused on the jewelry to blast away dirt, grime, and oils to reveal a shining and clean piece of jewelry that looks brand new.  When you invest in a steam cleaner you can clean your whole home, your vehicle and yes, even your jewelry.  It is the investment that keeps paying for itself because steam cleaning is a safe and incredibly effective method of cleaning that does not use any chemicals.  Rather than purchasing a jewelry steam cleaner that only has one purpose, you could purchase a Vapamore steam cleaner that can move from room to room cleaning and disinfecting every surface and then you can clean your jewelry when you are done.  It is truly an all-around cleaning machine.  Professional jewelers use steam to clean and now you can have the power of steam right in your own home.

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5 Ways Steam Cleaning Improves Automobile Cleaning

Whether you are looking for an easy way to keep your car clean or you work on cars and want the most effective method for cleaning engine parts or detailing vehicles, one of the best options is steam cleaning.  Cars naturally get dirty any time you take them out on the road, it is inevitable.  It can be exhausting, expensive and a seemingly never-ending project to keep your car clean with traditional methods.  Additionally, traditional cleaning methods use a lot of water.  Steam cleaning is an eco-friendly, chemical free way to clean every part of your vehicle for  a level of clean that would be difficult to achieve any other way.  Below are 5 ways that steam improves cleaning when cleaning automobiles.

  1. No Chemicals
    • When dealing with cars you may encounter chemicals but when cleaning cars it is best to avoid harsh chemicals as much as possible. Harsh chemicals used on the exterior could damage paint jobs.  Harsh chemicals used on the interior could damage interior fabrics and upholstery.  So, how do you effectively clean without harsh chemicals?    Steam cleaning is an incredibly effective and safe cleaning method.  Without using a single harsh chemical, steam provides an optimal level of cleaning while also disinfecting.
  2. Clean Inside
    • Often, when cleaning a car you need many different products for many different cleaning needs. Cleaning leather may need one kind of cleaning product, cleaning fabric upholstery will require another kind of cleaning product, cleaning hard surfaces inside will require a different cleaning product and by the time it is all said and done you have a bucket full of different cleaning products and a lot of time and money spent.  With steam cleaning you can clean all interior surfaces with one tool.  It can be difficult if not downright impossible to clean all of the corners, nooks and crannies of interior detail work but with steam cleaning a nozzle can be directed right where you need it to go and steam pressurized into every area to thoroughly clean the interior of a vehicle.
  3. Clean Outside
    • Need to clean the rims of your tires or around door handles in hard to reach locations? A steam cleaner is the perfect tool for cleaning both the inside and the outside of your vehicle.  While you still may need to use soap and water for a big wash of the body of your vehicle, a steam cleaner will get all of the fine detail work done in a way that no other cleaner possibly could.
  4. Fast Cleaning
    • When you steam clean you will no longer need to spend painstaking hours to get a truly detailed finish. Steam cleaning quickly and effectively removes dirt from even hard to reach or very small locations without needing any special tools or to spend hour scrubbing.
  5. Clean Engine
    • If you are someone who works on vehicles or just likes to keep your own engines very clean for optimal performance, stem cleaning is the best solution. Yes, you can even use a steam cleaner to clean engines so it can really clean the entirety of your vehicle.  Perhaps you are attending an automobile show and want to have a pristine engine to show off – steam cleaning is the answer.  Steam cleaning is the best way to most thoroughly clean your vehicle from bumper to bumper.
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Keeping Animal Care Facilities Clean With Steam

Animal care facilities are a very helpful place to take pets for things like medical care, grooming and boarding.  They are not only necessary but beneficial to the health and well-being of animals.  These facilities see a wide variety of animals every day, for a wide variety of reasons.  While some arrive for basic grooming services, others may be sick and in need of care.  Because of the nature of what takes place in animal care facilities it can quickly get very dirty.  Not only is dirt unsightly but it is unsanitary.  Such conditions are not ideal for customers and in fact are dangerous for animals because it could make a facility more prone to spreading disease.  Animal care facilities are much like human healthcare facilities in that the spread of disease within the facility is of significant concern.  Things like MRSA are discussed all the time when talking about disinfecting hospitals and animal care facilities need the same level of disinfecting and proper cleaning to ensure that they are truly clean and sanitary.

The challenges of keeping an animal care facility clean and sanitary are in many ways more difficult than keeping a human healthcare facility clean because animals tend to act like animals – they roll around, slobber, and sometimes cannot control their bodily functions in common areas.  Needless to say, sanitization is a priority.  Using a steam cleaner is the ideal way to keep an animal care facility clean for a variety of reasons.  First, a steam cleaner does not use any harsh chemicals, just water heated up to a temperature that is capable of disinfecting surfaces.  This means that animal care facilities will be able to reduce the expense of having to frequently purchase chemical cleaning solutions.  Additionally, because we love our pets like family members it is important that we avoid harsh chemicals that could be dangerous to animals.  Steam cleaning is completely chemical free and yet can completely disinfect any surface.  When an animal enters a care facility it should be a safe haven and not an risk to their health.  A steam cleaner can be used throughout exam rooms, office areas, boarding facilities, grooming areas, waiting rooms and more.  It can be used to clean floors, counters, walls, chairs, crates, feeding areas and the list keeps on going.  A steam cleaner is an investment that will continue to prove its worth as it is used throughout an entire healthcare facility.  With a detailed sanitation plan, and the use of a seam cleaner, keeping an animal care facility clean and sanitary will be made much easier.

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How to Properly Clean and Sanitize Food Preparation Areas with Steam

Food preparation, when done right, can lead to some delicious dishes.  A food preparation area, such as one in a professional kitchen at a restaurant, prepares and cooks an immense amount of food every day.  While some food is relatively simple and harmless to prepare, other foods, such as raw chicken, can contaminate surfaces with bacteria.  In order for food to be safe to eat it is important to keep a clean food preparation area.  But, the last thing you want on surfaces where you prepare food is harsh chemicals that could possibly get on the food you serve, alter flavors and pose health risks to customers.  For an optimal cleaning solution in food preparation areas that contains no harsh chemicals, consider using a steam cleaner.  Steam cleaners, such as Vapamore steam cleaners, effectively clean and disinfect surfaces using just water that has been heated to a high temperature.

Steam cleaners are ideal for cleaning food preparation areas because they can be used to clean a myriad of things such as floors, walls, counters, cutting boards, catering equipment, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, sinks, ranges and more.  This means that not only can food be cleaned but even harder to clean things like grease or difficult, stuck on grime.  While traditional cleaning methods with soap and water are effective, steam cleaning can penetrate porous items to get in deeper where other methods would not and get all dirt and bacteria out.  And, in addition to the immense cleaning power of steam for disinfecting purposes, it will also make things look brand new.  This means equipment and anything else that may come in contact with customers can be safely cleaned to such a degree that it will continue to look brand new.  This is important when you have guests that come through your establishment because it puts your business’s best foot forward.  If you run a catering business and use a lot of serving equipment it can quickly get dirty.  That is the last thing customers want to see, especially when it comes to serving food.  Steam cleaning things like catering supplies will always ensure that your business is giving the right impression so that you can generate repeat customers and good word of mouth about your business.  Use your steam cleaner to disinfect, degrease and generally create the food preparation area that anyone would expect their food to come out of.  By doing so, it will create the ideal setting for your to create the best food possible, run a successful and sanitary business so that you can have peace of mind that what you are serving is the highest quality from the cleanest kitchen.


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