Why Everyone Should Steam Clean Construction Site

Whether you are working on a small remodel project or a large construction site, you know that any job is going to generate dust and other contaminates.  Any construction site is immensely dirty but, in the end, someone will ultimately be living there or working there so all of the dust and contaminates must be cleaned up properly.  To truly be rid of all dirt, bacteria, contaminates and chemicals and ensure you have achieved the safest environment possible, the best option is to clean with steam.

It may seem strange to suggest steam cleaning a construction site.  After all, it is usually our first instinct to clean with chemicals to truly get that “clean feeling.”  But, those chemical cleaners are filled with just that – chemicals.  Those chemicals can not only be potentially hazardous for people to touch or breathe in but they could also possible damage some of the newly finished surfaces in your construction site.  Whether it is concrete, hard wood, walls, tile, sinks, appliances, hardware or more, steam can clean it.  And, best of all, steam can clean it safely for both humans and for the best protection of surfaces and materials.  Vapor steam cleaners produce their vapor with only heat and water.  The water is heated to a very high temperature (usually between 250 – 300 degrees Fahrenheit) until a sterilizing vapor is created.  The steam is propelled through a nozzle that you control so you direct where you want the steam to go.

One of the biggest benefits of steam cleaning is that it is actually more effective than most chemical cleaners.  This is because when the steam is propelled through the nozzle it actually penetrates porous materials.  This is particularly important on construction sites where dust and other spills may have penetrates surfaces but are actually invisible to the eye.  A steam cleaner will list dirt and spills out of the porous material and sanitize surfaces.  Everything from dirt to grease is no match for steam cleaning and the stem used to clean will never damage surface it is cleaning.  It is also a very quick and efficient way to clean, allowing you to clean up your constructions site in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it otherwise.  No matter what kind of construction site you have, whether fire clean up, stain removal, graffiti removal, ink removal, general site cleanup, equipment cleanup or more, steam cleaning will get the job done in the most effective way.  Once construction is done, it is time to show off the completed project but you cannot do that if it is a mess everywhere.  And, the last thing you want to do is endanger visitors, residents or employees with hazardous materials or chemicals.  Steam clean your job site with vapor steam to safely and completely clean your construction site so that everyone can begin enjoying the finished product right away.

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How Steam Sanitizes Without Chemicals

For most of us, when we think of how to properly clean something, we probably think of stores filled with aisles upon aisles of assorted cleaning products.  There is truly a cleaning product for everything and each of those products is filled with a lot of chemicals.  To protect against the spread of bacteria and illness we often want the strongest chemicals available to kill all of those tiny microbes we cannot see.  If spills or stains are particularly difficult to remove we throw even more chemicals at them.  And, if certain things are hard to reach or on certain fabrics or materials that are more delicate or susceptible to damage we might just leave them alone and accept the dirt or stain rather than risk damage from cleaning products.  The problem is, when you use all of these chemicals to try to clean things, they stay on the surfaces on which you have just cleaned.  If you use your bare hands, they will be absorbed into your skin.  If your kids play on the floor or touch the counter you have just cleaned, they will also have those chemicals absorbed into their skin and everyone within breathing distance will also breathe in the chemicals.  Additionally, all of those chemicals in disposable containers are far from eco-friendly.  Rather than fill your home or workspace with chemicals it is far better to clean with steam.

Steam is simply water heated to a temperature, usually between 250-300 degrees Fahrenheit.  For many, the idea of cleaning with just water that has been heated may sound good in theory but when it comes to truly killing bacteria we may still be reaching for the chemicals.  But there is no need, steam is actually a far more effective cleaning tool than those chemical-filled cleaning products.  Once water has been heated above 250 degrees Fahrenheit and steam is generated the steam will kill 99.9% of all bacterial microbes, germs and dust mites.  Steam is just as affective, if not more, than chemical cleaners but it will not leave behind any chemical residue.  Because it is just water you have a perfectly clean surface free of anything else unwanted.  Additionally, while particular chemical products cannot be used on certain surfaces because of the risk of damage, or the chemical’s inability to penetrate enough to really clean, stem can be used on most surfaces without risk of damage.  And, where chemical cleaners fall short, steam picks up the slack because steam can penetrate porous surfaces to deeply clean and sanitize while lifting dirt out effectively.  Rather than reaching for those chemical cleaners, opt to clean with the simplification and effectiveness of steam and provide a safer environment to live and work in.

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Preventing and Getting Rid of Bed Bugs with Steam

Bed bugs.  Those two little words can strike fear in anyone.  Once a bed bug infestation takes over it can be very difficult to get rid of them.  Once they have made a location home (such as a mattress or rug) they rapidly multiply, bite and infest.  While we all probably heard about the infestations taking over New York a few years ago, no place is safe from bed bugs.  They can inhabit almost anything, anywhere.  A panicked call to an exterminator will certainly lead to your home being doused and coated in chemicals to hopefully get rid of bed bugs and even still they could possibly persist.  So, what is a homeowner or business owner to do?  The answer to prevent and get rid of bed bugs can be found in steam.

Steam cleaning is popular among home owners and business owners for reducing the amount of chemicals used, reducing the amount money spent on expensive cleaning solutions and for being eco-friendly but people may not immediately think of steam cleaning when it comes to bed bugs.  But, they should!  Nobody wants to use a mattress or couch, or lay on a rug that has been doused in toxic pesticides.  Not all steam cleaners are created equal and the right one must be used for the job when trying to rid something of bed bugs.  The Vapamore steam cleaner options heat water to such a high temperature that the vapor that is produced can sanitize, disinfect and kill bed bugs and their eggs.  Steam is natural, non-toxic and actually is the most effective option when trying to get rid of bed bugs.  Carefully clean your mattress or other surfaces on a regular basis to prevent bed bugs and, should an infestation occur, kill them and rid your home of them using the same steam cleaner that you can use for many other household chores.  After you have used the steam cleaner, allow whatever you have cleaned to fully dry so that you do not risk further damage.  Bed bus will have no chance of hiding from steam like they can with chemical cleaners because steam penetrates porous surfaces to get in where bed bugs may be hiding.  The steam kills the bed bugs and lifts them out of porous surfaces so that you can completely eradicate the problem.  If necessary, the process can be repeated should the first attempt not catch all of the bed bugs but rest-assured, steam cleaning with a vapor stem cleaner will kill bed bugs and their eggs.

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Clean Sporting Goods with Steam for the Best Clean Possible

Sporting equipment and goods see a lot of use and abuse.  No matter the sport, sporting goods are being used in a competitive environment and encounter dirt, grime, ice, sweat and more during use.  When you first purchase sporting goods they are clean and pristine but as they get used not only do they start to show wear and tear but they become very dirty and even have a bad odor.  Cleaning sporting goods properly and effectively without damaging them can prove challenging.  For instance, just think of an ice skate.  While it is used in a cool or cold environment the foot inside is sweaty and as it gets used it probably begins to smell.  How would you clean an ice skate without damaging it or damaging something with the blade of the skate?  As something like an ice skate begins to show wear and tear or begins to have an odor do you simply have to get rid of them and buy a new pair?  No.  Steam clean them!  Do you operate a gym with a lot of sporting goods and equipment that gets heavily used every day by a variety of people?  Nobody wants to use sporting equipment that has is dirty and sweaty from a perfect stranger.  Prevent the spread of germs, bad smells and general dirtiness on sporting equipment in a gym with a steam cleaner.  Steam cleaning really is the answer to your sporting goods cleaning problems.

Why is a steam cleaner better than spraying something with a chemical filled cleaning solution?  While those cleaning solutions may be effective at killing germs or cleaning surfaces, they are not completely effective and their chemicals are harsh, damaging equipment and ultimately getting on people’s skin, which nobody wants.  Steam cleaning uses no chemicals, just water that has been heated to a very hot temperature.  Once the water has been heated the steam it produces is incredibly effective at killing germs and cleaning sporting equipment, even in small or tough to access areas.  And, steam can be used on a variety of surfaces, both hard and soft, so it is the ultimate multi-purpose cleaner that can be moved from sporting good to sporting good effectively cleaning and disinfecting as it goes.  Rather than having chemicals deteriorate things like padding on sporting goods, steam safely cleans and maintains that brand new look on sporting equipment like no other cleaner can do.  Steam cleaning kills 99.9% of bacteria and can get in all of the tiny spaces that sporting equipment often has, unlike chemical cleaners.  Additionally, it can penetrate surfaces more deeply than a chemical cleaner can so it is far more effective than chemical cleaning products.  To properly clean your sporting equipment, keep them looking their absolute best, and extend the life of your equipment, clean them with steam.

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Keep Your HVAC Running Smoothly With Steam

When you are in your home your HVAC system supplies all of the air you, your family and your guests breathe.  Is that air clean and free of things like dust, pollen, mold, and other contaminates that could jeopardize your health and aggravate your allergies?  Or, is it dirty?  If you are like most homeowners you have probably not given your HVAC system’s cleanliness much thought but it should be a priority for every homeowner because as air passes through a dirty HVAC it is then the air that you breathe.  HVAC systems should be cleaned regularly.  Cleaning an HVAC system can be challenging, even for an experienced and trained professional.  Because everything that touches the HVAC system can essentially be passed into air that is inhaled it is important to be careful about proper cleaning.  Think about your HVAC system and ductwork, it is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi because it is dark and cool.  All of those microbiological contaminants are then passed through the air into your home – an upsetting thought for any homeowner.  Rather than cleaning with chemicals, it is a better solution to clean with steam to offer the most natural and effective cleaning for your HVAC system.

In addition to vastly improved cleaning, steam cleaning your HVAC system will also improve your home’s energy efficiency.  If you have ever seen a dirty HVAC system you might be shocked to see how much buildup there can be.  All of that dirt and debris not only contaminates air but restricts effective airflow.  To compensate, your home’s air conditioner has to work harder and run longer to properly cool your home.  Once you have cleaned your HVAC system with steam you will know that air can flow freely through which will lower energy usage and, therefore, energy bills, and also extend the life of your air conditioner.  How does a steam cleaner achieve so much with just water?  The water is heated up to an extremely hot temperature (for example, 350 degrees Fahrenheit) and the steam  penetrates surfaces and small, hard to reach areas, to blast away microscopic bacteria and dirt so that.  Chemical cleaners only reach so far and leave a residue but steam is completely natural and gets into even the tiniest of parts. Ultimately, steam effectively cleans coils so that they can perform their tasks without being slowed down by dirt and debris which improves energy efficiency and better removes even microscopic germs to reduce airborne contaminants and help provide the best possibly breathing air.

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