Why Steam Cleaning Is Essential to the Food Processing Industry

If you are involved in the food processing industry in any way, it is important that you understand the benefits of steam cleaning. From restaurants to bakeries and food manufacturing to food distribution, there are many ways in which a steam vacuum will make the job easier, more efficient and more sanitary. The following are just some of the benefits that those in the food industry will experience by using a steam cleaner.

  • Wet/Dry Capabilities – Everyone knows that there are wet and dry messes when it comes to food and kitchens. A steam cleaner is versatile in that it works on both types of spills. Rather than having to find two different tools to do the two different jobs, a steam cleaner will handle them both. This can really cut down on cleanup time in an industry that is fast moving.
  • Safety – A steam cleaner doesn’t require any harsh chemicals that could make a food processing area unsafe. With just water and heat, the steam does all the work. You can throw out any poisonous or toxic chemicals that were in the janitorial closet and depend on this one, safe option.
  • Disinfecting Power – The temperature of the steam that comes out of the vacuum is all that you need for disinfectant. Food preparation surfaces constantly need disinfecting, and managers are always looking for safer and more effective ways to get the job done. Steam cleaning allows the areas to become disinfected, without having to wait for a solution to settle in, or without having to scrub the area for hours.
  • Efficiency – A steam vacuum is an efficient option for any industry. Food processing is fast paced, and it is important that every process and every step is the most efficient possible. Using this type of tool cuts many steps out of the cleaning process, which gives employees more time to make their food just as it should be.
  • A Vacuum for Every Need – There are various types of steam vacuums available. They come in different sizes and have multiple attachments that you can use. Whatever the specific needs are for your company, there is a vacuum that will get the job done.

Whether you are the manager of a bakery, the owner of a restaurant or the supervisor at a food manufacturing plant, look into the many benefits that come from using a steam cleaner. Food processing is an industry that requires perfect cleanliness, effectiveness and versatility, and that is exactly what a steam cleaner will provide.

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How a Handheld Steam Cleaner Makes Housework Easier

Housework is certainly time consuming and often tedious, but with the right tools it doesn’t have to take up your entire day. A handheld steam cleaner takes the work to a whole new level, making it easier than ever before to clean up spills and messes of all sorts. If you are looking for something that will make home cleaning a little more effective, you may want to look into a handheld steam cleaner.

Why the Steam Cleaner?

  1. This type of tool has a lot of different attachments available. What this means is that if you need to get into a corner behind a heavy piece of furniture, you’ll be able to reach it. If you have a large flat surface to cover, you can vacuum over it more quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re working on a metal surface or carpet, there is an attachment that is exactly what you need for that particular surface.
  2. A handheld steam cleaner is good for a lot of different home cleaning needs. You can use it in or around the bathroom shower, sink, toilet, tile and mirror. It can be used in the kitchen for the stove, oven, sink and other appliances. Your garage, dining room, bedroom and hallway floors, constructed from many different materials, can all be cleaned with the same handheld steam vacuum. As a versatile tool, you don’t have to switch back and forth between others, which could save you some valuable time.
  3. Steam doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, so there is never a second cleanup to rid the home of something dangerous. You simply use the steam cleaner to disinfect, clean and deodorize, and the job is safely finished.
  4. A handheld cleaner is compact and lightweight. You don’t have to drag around a heavy machine or buckets full of water and rags. There is a handle that is in a convenient spot on the vacuum, and it weighs just a few pounds for easy movement.

Any time you have a lot of cleaning to do, you may come up with a list of chemicals and tools that it will take to get the job done right. With a handheld steam cleaner, that list doesn’t have to exist. With one tool, housework is easy, efficient and done right. If you plan to purchase a steam cleaner, consider all the benefits of a handheld device so that you can experience housework like you’ve never done it before.

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Outdoor Cleaning with Steam

When consumers think about cleaning products they are most likely thinking of indoor cleaning products and their uses.  If you need outdoor cleaning products there are specially designed products just for that.  In fact, it seems like there are specially designed products for just about every room or unique surface inside and outside of the house.  What is truly incredible about a steam cleaner is that it has a myriad of uses both inside and outside of the house.  It is a workhorse of a tool because, while it only requires water and no chemicals or solutions, it can clean many different surfaces more effectively than any store bought cleaner could.  Nobody wants to expose themselves to chemicals when trying to clean outside.  And, nobody wants to spend countless hours scrubbing and significant amounts of money on specially formulated outdoor cleaning products.  Especially not when it is totally unnecessary!  Steam cleaning is the ideal chemical free and efficient cleaning method when cleaning outside.

Steam cleaning utilizes water that has been heated to such a high temperature that it produces a steam vapor that is propelled through a nozzle.  When the steam is directed at a surface it quickly removes dirt and stains.  It is able to do so in such an effective way because steam penetrates porous surfaces and lifts dirt and debris up and out.  Because of the high temperature it also sanitizes surfaces.  If you have a grill that you regularly cook on it often becomes a messy work surface with charred on food pieces, marinades and more.  Who wants to eat food cooked on a dirty work surface that is unsanitary?  We would venture a guess that nobody does.  But, scrubbing with a hard brush will only do so much and can actually damage certain surfaces.  Instead, steam cleaning is a safe and incredibly effective cleaning method that will preserve your grill and allow you to produce the most delicious grilled food whenver you want.  Additionally, if you want to spend time outside playing or dining alfresco, your patio furniture may be a little worse for the wear and need some cleaning.   Dirt, debris and more may be on the surface of your patio furniture.  Rather than sitting on something that will leave stains and marks on your clothing, enjoy being outside or entertaining in style with pristine looking outdoor furniture.  Once you are done in your backyard bring your steam cleaner around to your garage and get to work cleaning in there as well.  Steam cleaners can be used for automotive detailing and the cleaning of any other recreational type vehicles or toys.  You can go around your garage giving everything the detailed cleaning it deserves so that you extend the life of your belongings and keep them looking their absolute best.  Additionally, if you have a work area in your garage and do a lot of work on the surface you may need to give it a sprucing up with steam cleaning because garages tend to be pretty dusty and dirty.  A steam cleaner is a true multi-purpose cleaning tool that will provide a supreme clean inside and outside.

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Better Gum Removal with a Steam Cleaner

Blowing a big bubble or freshening your breath with gum is a long-loved habit by millions of people.  But for business owners or cities and municipalities gum is often one of the most annoying forms of littering because it is difficult to clean up, unsightly and just plain gross.  Gum on the sidewalk can often be scraped up and removed with relative ease but if it gets stepped on and smashed into the ground or left for a long period of time it can be very difficult to clean.  But, more than the sidewalk, if it gets on furniture or upholstery it can be incredibly challenging to clean and it may seem like all hope is lost.  But, gum can be not only successfully removed but the surface you are cleaning can be protected and preserved as well.  The answer is not found in a bottle full of chemicals or any special scraping tools, it is found in steam.

Chewing gum typically softens with heat and hardens when cold so some approaches have been to freeze off gum but hot steam is actually a better approach.  Steam can quickly and easily remove gum from concrete, tile, asphalt, furniture and upholstery.  There are many companies that offer a steam service for gum removal but why pay someone else to do a job you can easily do with your own steam cleaner.  Getting gum off of any surface can be achieved by a few methods but there is a reason that steam is the best.  Steam not only cleans but sanitizes because when water is heated to such a high temperature that it produces steam it also kills 99.9% of bacteria.  Additionally other methods scrape gum off of the surface but if gum has seeped into something or penetrated a porous surface the best way to get rid of it and prevent permanent damage is to use steam.  Steam moves past the surface to penetrate deeply and lift and remove dirt, debris and substances like gum that have been ground in for the ultimate clean.  If you own or operate a business that encounters problems with gum, as many businesses do, it is best to own your own steam cleaner.  This will allow you to clean up gum immediately when you see it, reduce permanent damage and keep your business looking its best for your customers.  Additionally, when you own a steam cleaner not only will you be able to effectively and efficiently clean gum but you can use it for many other cleaning purposes because it is the best all-around cleaning tool you can own.

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