Be Careful Who You Purchase Your Vapamore Products From

When you want to purchase a high-quality, well-constructed steam cleaner or steam vacuum, you want to do so from a reputable source.  These days it seems that everyone can buy anything they want from online stores such as Amazon.  But, just because it is sold on Amazon does not mean it is sold by someone reputable or even authorized to sell Vapamore products. When you buy from an unknown, or unauthorized source, do you really know what you are getting?  Are you certain it will be the quality that you have come to expect from Vapamore?  At Vapamore, the only products we can guarantee and importantly for our customers, warranty, are products that are sold by Vapamore authorized dealers.

Buying from Amazon seems harmless enough.  If you are like most people, you have probably ordered a thing or two from Amazon and it has worked out great.  While there are some authorized dealers that sell on Amazon, there are also sellers that are not authorized to sell Vapamore products on Amazon and it can be confusing for the purchaser to know which one is the right one to choose. Additionally, if a Vapamore product is purchased from an authorized dealer on Amazon and is covered under warranty but returned for some reason it may simply be checked by Amazon and then re-sold again.  But, what if that product is actually broken, or has some sort of defect?  When this happens, we at Vapamore do not get to check and see if there is a problem or ensure that our products are actually working as they are supposed to.  If you are looking to make an investment in a Vapamore steam cleaner or vacuum it is important to buy it from an authorized local dealer to ensure that Vapamore’s high quality is protected and you know what you are truly getting.  At Vapamore, we take great pride in our products and think they belong in every household, business, school and commercial setting but we want everyone that buys our products to get only the best.  We are more than happy to help our customers, whether loyal lifelong customers, or those making a first-time purchase, to locate a local authorized dealer from which to make a purchase.

One thing is certain, before making any purchase, the most important thing you can do is check to make sure you are purchasing from an authorized dealer.  This is the ONLY way that Vapamore can guarantee, warranty, or service products for our customers.  Don’t worry, it is not complicated, simply go to Authorized Dealer page to see if you are purchasing from an approved seller so that you can be confident in your purchase.  Our Vapamore warranty is a lifetime limited warranty that protects our valued customers and shows how much pride we take in our products.  At Vapamore, we are excited for everyone to start using our high-quality steam cleaners and vacuums so that they can begin to experience the unparallel level of cleaning and sanitizing that we know is possible without chemicals but we want our customers to do so with a product that has been purchased from an authorized dealer so that we can guarantee its quality!

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The Perks of a Canister Vacuum: 3 Reasons You Need One for Your Home

Do the floors in your home need a powerful cleaning? The last time you vacuumed the carpets, you may not have been too satisfied with the performance of your upright vacuum cleaner. A canister vacuum is a better option designed to help you remove all of the dirt and allergens that can easily be found on the carpeted floors. The perks of using this kind of product are tremendous.

Prevent Dirt, Hair and Dust From Falling Back Out

The last time you used your upright vacuum cleaner, you may have noticed some of the little particles falling out from the bottom of it while you were attempting to put it away. As a result, you probably had to plug it back into the outlet and start vacuuming all over again. The upright version simply causes more work for homeowners, but the canister vacuum will help you avoid going through that hassle again. Since everything that gets suctioned from the floor goes straight into the canister, nothing will ever make its way back out.

Clean the Carpet Without Missing Any Spots

Have you ever had a hard time cleaning the corners of a room or the steps leading to the second and third floors? It is not the easiest to reach those areas when you are using an upright vacuum, especially if there are no attachments to go with it. If you decide to use the canister vacuum, you can start reaching areas that you were never able to fully clean before. The product comes with a number of parts, including a gun and hose, crevice attachment and detail brush, all of which may be used to reach those difficult spots.

Easily Adjust the Vacuum for a Spotless Cleaning

Trying to clean off a certain area of the home? Whether something dropped on the steps or fell on the bedroom floor, you may need to make adjustments to achieve the best carpet cleaning possible. For example, you may decide to use the large floor head attachment on the canister vacuum when cleaning up hair from the ground, but you may use the crevis attachment when removing dust mites from the steps. No matter what you need to clean at the moment, this type of product allows you to get it done without a problem. It is easy to add and remove attachments when necessary.

If you were debating on what type of vacuum cleaner to purchase, consider getting one with a canister. It is a product designed to help you keep the home clean without a hassle.

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How a Wet/Dry Vacuum Can Be Used to Clean Both Wet and Dry Spills

Accidents happen, and if you don’t have the right tools on hand to clean them up, you may be left with a mess. A wet/dry vacuum is a handy machine to have at home, at work or at school because of the versatility in being able to clear all types of spills. Whether you are a business owner, a stay-at-home mom, the principal of an elementary school or anyone else who makes human error, there are some big benefits of having one of these tools on hand at all times.

Wet Spills

Sometimes cleaning up spilled milk, water, grease or other liquids can take a lot of time. With a machine that handles wet spills, the job can be made easier. It can be used inside of showers and sinks, around toilets, on garage floors and in a variety of other places where wet spills are common. The various styles of vacuums allow you to take them to areas that would be otherwise hard to clean. With a handheld or a standup that has a hose, you can reach spills that went underneath the refrigerator, behind a cabinet or down in a crack on the floor.

Dry Spills

Most vacuum styles are more typically used for dry spills. A machine that can handle both wet and dry cleaning projects will typically have more suction power in order to do a better job. Common dry items that are sucked up in the machine might include crumbs, dust mites, allergens, old rodent feces and the typical dust and dirt that collect in any given space. Again, each style is versatile, which gives the user an option to suck up any dry spills that have happened anywhere.

A High Quality Wet/Dry Vacuum

A common tool that will do the job of a wet/dry vac is a steam cleaner. They have been effectively used in hospitals, hotels, auto shops, restaurants and homes. The way that they work benefits both the owner and the environment as they are chemical-free and will disinfect in a cost-effective way. With water and heat, the job can get done with precision and in a short amount of time, leaving no more germs, mildew, dirt or stains in the area.

If you are considering a more efficient cleaning option, look into a steam vacuum. There are styles available for multiple uses, and with the ability to clean both wet and dry surfaces and spills, it could be the most useful tool in the janitorial closet.

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Five Steam Vacuum Accessories That Simplify Effective Cleaning

If you have a steam vacuum, you already know how effective they are to have around the home, office, school or workshop. Their versatile nature allows you to clean multiple areas with one tool, and each time is just as efficient as the time before. These vacuums also have accessories that can be used to simplify the process and make it even more productive. The following are just five of those.

  1. Nylon Grout Brush – A steam vacuum is the perfect tool to clean the grout between your tiles. The steam action itself provides for a real way to get the grout looking bright and new again. With a nylon grout brush, you are able to really get the dirt and grime out of the crevice. With a gentle scrubbing motion that is paired with steam, the dirt will basically be lifted out of the grout, without damaging it.
  2. Fabric Steamer and Squeegee – Because there are probably various fabric surfaces in your home or office, one of the most popular vacuum accessories is the fabric steamer and squeegee. This allows you to deep-clean the couch, a rug and even curtains without causing the fabric to discolor or shrink in any way. Stains can be lifted out so that your items are good as new.
  3. Large Stainless Steel Brush – For surfaces that require a good scrub, such as the garage floor or front walkway, a large stainless steel brush will get the job done. The steam action allows the stains to begin to lift off the surface, and the brush finishes the process by loosening the dirt up so it can be sucked into the vacuum.
  4. Nylon Medium Duty Brush – This type of steam vacuum accessory is perfect for areas that are too delicate for a brass or steel brush, but could still use a good scrub. Because it is medium duty, it could be the perfect accessory for walls, countertops and around windows.
  5. Detail Scraper – Sometimes there are spills and messes that just have a hard time coming up. A scraper gives you the option to get under it and make sure it is removed. The steam will also help the process, and the scraper will finish off the job.

As you can see, there are some accessories for your steam vacuum that could really speed up the cleaning process. Without the need for other tools or any harmful chemicals, your home, office or other space can be cleaned up in no time.

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How Does a Commercial Steam Cleaner Help the Pest Control Experts?

Did you know pest control experts will often use a commercial steam cleaner to eliminate some pests from a property? It is one of several pest control methods they may offer to the homeowners. You may wonder why a steam cleaner is used by the professionals in this industry, but there are quite a few good reasons.

Killing on Contact: Eliminating Pests With Steam

The number of people dealing with bed bugs in their home continues to rise. These bugs are often able to find their way into a home by traveling on clothes, luggage and other items. Even though they are referred to as bed bugs, they do spend time on couches and clothing instead of just mattresses and bed frames. The commercial steam cleaner may be used by a pest control expert to restrain the infestation and keep it from spreading any further, especially since one bed bug can produce at least one egg each day, which will start to make the problem even worse than it was in the beginning.

Bed bugs are unable to survive when they are suddenly exposed to extremely hot temperatures. It is for that reason the experts often recommend that homeowners throw their clothing and other linen in the washing machine and dryer on a hot cycle before they begin using them again. The temperature of the steam that comes directly from the commercial steam cleaner is about 220 degrees, which is hot enough to instantly kill both the bed bugs and their eggs right away.

Safe Solution for an Infestation: Avoiding the Chemicals

Although the steam kills these bugs and their eggs on contact, there is another good reason for homeowners to choose this solution over some of the other pest control solutions. Instead of using chemicals that may be considered dangerous to humans and animals, the experts can simply use the steam cleaner all around the property to take care of the problem. None of those strong chemicals need to be used during the process of removing the problematic pests.

The attachments for the commercial steam cleaner, including the triangle corner brush and fabric tool, make it easier for the professionals to get to every spot in the home, ensuring they have properly done their job to remove any of those unwanted bed bugs.

It is difficult dealing with pests in the home, but the experts are there to help. They may use a steam cleaner to begin taking action immediately. The cleaning device they use with the steam helps to eliminate the bugs, allowing you to enjoy your home once again.

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