Steam Cleaning Offers Many Advantages for Boat Owners

Who does not love an afternoon spent out on their boat, with a beautiful cool breeze and gorgeous water all around.  Boats can provide some of the most fun, or most relaxing recreational time available but maintaining a boat can be a bit challenging.  Because it is exposed to so much moisture diligent cleaning is imperative to maintaining both the exterior and interior of a boat.  For some, boating involves fishing and as you pull that fresh fish out of the water you introduce moisture and other bacteria to the interior of your boat.  If you clean your fish aboard your boat – that’s a whole other story that stresses the needs of proper cleaning.  If you prefer to do water sports aboard your boat, or just go for a dip, as you climb in and out of the water and sit on the seats in your wet bathing suit moisture is introduced to the upholstery and all the smallest crevices of your boat. Also, if you eat aboard your boat, or accidentally spill a nice cool beverage, more cleaning is necessitated. Needless to say, over time, the wear and tear of use will show without proper cleaning.  None of those are reasons to avoid owning a boat but for those interested in making an investment and owning their own boat, proper boat care will prolong the life of their investment and provide many beautiful days out on the water.

Boat interiors and upholstery should be carefully cleaned and, unfortunately, some chemical filled cleaners may do more harm than good.  Those harsh chemicals could damage the upholstery or wear too much on the interior of your boat.  Rather than introducing a lot of chemicals to a place you spend time and may even put your bare skin on, it is far better to use an eco-friendly cleaning method such as steam cleaning that only uses water that has been heated to a high temperature.  For boat interiors one of the biggest concerns is the growth of mold or mildew because of its high exposure to moisture.  Steam cleaners penetrate any surface deeply and get into even the tiniest cracks or crevices to lift and remove dirt, debris and bacteria up and out.  Additionally, because the water has been heated to such a high temperature it can kill over 99% of bacteria so it not only cleans but completely disinfects.  This will help kill any existing mold or mildew and, when used routinely, prevent the growth of mold or mildew in the future.  In addition to preventing and removing mold and mildew growth, it will help rid your boat of that gross mildew scent we are all familiar with in water settings.  No longer will you have to spend hours painstakingly scrubbing surfaces of your boat in the hopes of getting it clean and disinfected, steam quickly and efficiently removes dirt and bacteria to restore your boat to its sparkling glory.  For those interested in a “green” cleaning method, free of chemicals, that is effective at removing dirt, mold and mildew so that your boat can look clean and smell great, a steam cleaner is one of the best investments they can make in their cleaning routine.

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All Hotels & Resorts Should Use Steam Cleaning

We have discussed the many advantages of owning your own steam cleaner in a wide variety of applications and, when it comes to the hospitality sector, the advantages continue to be significant.  Hotels and resorts are constantly encountering new people, on a daily basis, from all over the world and in addition to housing them they also provide services such as food service and perhaps spa accommodations.  Daily intensive cleaning is a must to prevent a host of problems in the hospitality industry because there is nothing worse than providing unclean or unsafe conditions for your hotel guests.  Not only could someone get sick but it will reflect poorly on your hotel or resort, word will quickly spread, and you will likely receive fewer reservations as a result.  Steam cleaners and steam vacuums heat water to an incredibly high temperature to effectively clean and disinfect and they can be used in a variety of ways within the hospitality industry.

The first and most obvious advantage of steam cleaning, especially in the hospitality industry, is that it will lower cleaning costs.  Rather than having to constantly buy new cleaning products because they are used so often on a daily basis, steam cleaners simply use water so cleaning product costs will dramatically decrease.  Additionally, guests can appreciate that this green cleaning method does not require things like hazardous materials and strong chemicals to clean, yet achieves the same or better cleaning results than chemicals.  Next, steam cleaners are useful for a wide variety of applications within the hospitality industry including cleaning bathrooms, desks, carpet, mattresses, spa facilities, kitchen and food preparation areas and much more.  With one simple tool you can practically clean your hotel or resort from top to bottom.

Additionally, steam does not wear out surfaces as much as chemicals do over time so you preserve the pristine appearance of your hotel or resort, minimize the potential of damage during cleaning and wow your guests with how beautiful your venue is.  Steam can kill or remove things like mold, mildew and fungus that frequently appears in moist climates or simply in bathrooms or locker room facilities.  Rather than fighting and endless and losing battle with mold or mildew that is unsightly and sure to disgust hotel patrons, steam can completely kill and disinfect surfaces so that the problem is swiftly remedied.  A clean kitchen or food preparation area is something that is expected by hotel guests and inspectors alike.  Steam cleans even the hardest to remove, most caked on grease, burned food and other materials.  This will help preserve appliances and reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses and helps prevent chemical overuse that can contaminate food work surfaces and pose a danger to not only employees but guests as well.  Steam penetrates even the toughest of surfaces to lift and remove dirt, debris, bacteria and more, leaving you with a clean and completely disinfected area.  Hotel and resort guests will appreciate the improved level of clean that steam provides and hotel and resort managers will be able to take pride in how clean their facility is, as well as enjoy peace of mind that they have taken every precaution to prevent the spread of disease and illness and reduce the risk of bed bugs that steam cleaning offers.


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Allergy Control With Steam This Spring

As we move towards Spring we know what those warming temperatures, blooming flowers and flourishing plants all bring – allergies.  If you dread that first “achoo,” and the sniffles, sneezing, water eyes and more, you are not alone.  WebMD notes that 1 in 5 people in the U.S. suffer from allergy or asthma symptoms.  Additionally, not only is it aggravating and uncomfortable to suffer from allergies but according to WebMD it is also costly, “One estimate of the annual cost of allergies to the health care system and businesses in the U.S.: $7.9 billion.”  While there are a wide variety of over-the-counter medications designed to treat allergies, as well as precautions that individuals can take to avoid common allergens, it seems that allergies are often hard to avoid.  One important place to properly clean with the goal of ridding allergens is the home.  Often, allergens have made their way inside your home on skin, clothing, shoes, backpacks and more.  They get transferred and moved around the house, they can be found on the floor, counters, furniture and even bedding.  Once they have permeated your home, no matter how much medication you take, you will likely suffer from allergy symptoms.

Steam cleaning with powerful steam cleaners and vacuums can help you disinfect and sanitize your home, removing common allergens so that you can breathe more easily.  Steam cleaning is more effective than many common chemical cleaning products and it will not leave any harmful residue.  While chemical cleaners can clean the surface they cannot achieve the deep cleaning the steam can.  Steam permeates a surface, penetrating deeply to lift dirt and allergens up and out so that a better level of clean is achieved.  Any carpet, rug or upholstered surface in your home is like a magnet for allergens but they can be difficult to clean but steam can permeate deeply, as mentioned, to remove allergens without causing damage to the carpet or upholstery.  Steam cleaning to reduce and prevent allergies is also less expensive in the long run for two reasons.  First, it reduces the need to constantly buy more cleaning products as you run out of them because steam cleaning simply requires water.  Second, it will help save money on allergy medication because you will be able to breathe more easily in the comfort of your own home.  These may sound like hefty claims but, in fact, research has shown steam to be an incredibly effective cleaning tool that reduces allergens in the home.  The National Center for Biotechnology Information reported the research that supports the use of steam cleaning for allergy reduction, “Control of dust mites using extremes of temperature is an alternative to the use of acaricides. In the past we have attempted control by freezing with liquid nitrogen. The present paper deals with the opposite extreme, the use of steam… A domestic steam cleaner was used to treat carpet squares that had been seeded in the laboratory with known numbers of dust mites (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus). The number of live mites was monitored for a period of 4 months in eight treated carpet squares and eight controls. Dust samples were taken from 12 standardized areas of carpet in a tenement flat in Glasgow, UK, before and after steam cleaning treatment, and the concentration of allergen Der p 1 was compared with 12 adjacent, control areas. No live mites were found at any time in the treated carpet squares, whereas in the control squares geometric mean mite population density rose from 11 after 3 days to 39 after 1 month, 66 after 2, 122 after 3 and 185 after 4 months. There was a mean reduction of 86.7% in Der p 1 concentration (3.3-0.44 microgram/g) compared with a reduction of 4.7% (2.22-2.116 micrograms/g) in control areas, a difference that was statistically significant at the 5% level. These data indicate that steam cleaning has considerable potential as an highly effective and efficient method of killing dust mites and reducing concentrations of Der p 1 in domestic premises.”  If you suffer from allergies, like millions of other Americans, consider implementing a steam cleaner to your home cleaning routine to prevent allergies in your home.

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Steam Cleaning is Ideal for Gum Removal

We have all stepped on a discarded piece of gum, or put our hand under a table only to find an old piece of gum that somebody stuck on who knows how long ago.  People chew their gum and tend to discard it wherever it is convenient for them and that could be just about anywhere.  The problem is that discarded gum can damage property, furniture, clothing and more and let’s face it – it’s gross.  If you are a operate a business, school, or public space that people frequent there are many reasons we could tell you to use steam for cleaning but one benefit people often overlook is the advantages of using your steam cleaner for gum removal.  Gum is hard to remove, whether sticky or dry and its particularly difficult to remove when trying to damaging property, furniture or clothing.  Steam is the perfect solution because steam penetrates deeply, lifts dirt, grime and goo away from the surface gently, disinfects and leaves a clean surface behind.

Steam may sound like it only works on small applications but, as CNN recently, reported, when it came time to remove decades worth of gum off of Seattle’s famous gum wall cleaners did not choose chemical cleaners or tools to scrape the wall, they opted to use steam for gum removal because it is the most effective and efficient cleaning solution, “It’s the first time in two decades that the market’s gum wall and Post Alley have received a deep cleaning. An estimated 1 million pieces of chewed gum will be removed. Clad in rain gear, gloves and rubber boots, the workers are using industrial steam cleaners to shoot out a gallon of 260˚ water per minute. Gum and water are flowing out of the alley, where a collection system is catching gum and trash before the water flows into a storm drain.”  While an industrial steam cleaner was used to remove massive quantities of gum, Vapamore’s commercial steam cleaners are an ideal cleaning solution for the homeowner or business owner looking to have a top-to-bottom cleaning method that can attack every aspect of cleaning with gusto, including gum removal.  Keep your business or school looking its best, without damaging property or clothing, through the incredibly effective method of steam cleaning.  Additionally, when gum is smashed, ground or stuck on a surface it has the potential to leave behind a stain or residue but steam is capable of penetrating a surface’s pores to clean deeply and lift residue up and out, reducing stains or residual residue.  Steam cleaning also will not leave behind a chemical residue because it simply uses water heated to a high temperature.  This means that steam is the eco-friendly cleaning option and will actually save the owner money because they will not need to constantly replenish cleaning supplies.  For a better, far more effective cleaning solution for gum removal, opt for steam to keep your business, school or home looking its best while effectively removing gum without damaging property or clothing.


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