Stop The Spread of Illness In Schools With Steam Cleaners

If you have ever attended school, had a child that attends school, or been a school teacher or administrator (so basically – everyone), you know that it is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.  It is not for lack of trying, schools do work hard to disinfect and prevent the spread of illness but, alas, the spread persists.  Not only are chemical cleaning products not cutting it, but they also pose their own risk to our children because of the harsh chemicals that they contain.  Those chemicals have been on list after list of dangerous chemicals that may potentially cause all sorts of health problems including asthma and even cancer.  When every surface is disinfected with chemical cleaning products, they leave a residue behind and as children play, or eat, or learn, they may be absorbing those chemicals.  Parents and school administrators may be wonder what the solution is and, fortunately, at Vapamore, we know that the solution is the use of steam cleaners.

We produce a variety of professional-grade steam cleaners that are capable of heating water to a much higher temperature than many other steam cleaners you might find at big box stores.  Because of this, Vapamore steam cleaning products not only clean but disinfect 99% of bacteria which can help stop the spread of disease and infection in its tracks.  The National Education Association explains how steam cleaning is an ideal cleaning solution for schools, “Using certain tools such as microfiber mops and cloths, high efficiency filtration vacuums and steam cleaning machines can help make cleaning more effective. A thorough, ongoing cleaning program is very important in controlling the spread of infection in schools… If permitted, schools may consider equipment options that use steam and water-based technology to disinfect. ”  While, to clean an entire school and it’s variety of surfaces, might require a whole host of chemical cleaning products, one steam cleaner can clean all the surfaces of a school, providing exceptional disinfection.  With our product line, you can clean school’s carpet, drapery, desks, work surfaces/countertops, pet cages, athletic equipment, bathrooms, kitchens, science labs, playground equipment and so much more.  The steam cleaner is the ultimate tool of versatility when it comes to cleaning and disinfection which is why it is the ideal tool for any school’s cleaning arsenal.  Further, it is budget friendly, which any school can appreciate.  Once you have invested in one of our high quality steam cleaners all you need is water.  While chemical cleaning products will get used quickly and then necessitate replacement which is costly, steam cleaners simply need water and the machine does the rest!  When it comes to cleaning schools, every attention to detail should be paid to prevent the spread of illness and disease and steam cleaners can do so with ease of use and extreme effectiveness.

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2 Tough Cleaning Projects Steam Tackles With Ease

Steam cleaners are some of the most powerful cleaning tools in existence and yet they only use water, no chemicals at all.  How do they pack such a strong punch with just water and provide such exceptional cleaning ability?  Water is heated to an extremely high temperature – over 210° Fahrenheit, and is then strongly propelled through a nozzle that directs the steam right at what is in need of cleaning.  It is the “green” choice, being both eco-friendly and safer for humans and pets because it does not use any harsh chemicals that wind up being absorbed through the skin or breathed in.  While you might look at steam cleaners that only use water and think that it probably only works best for things that are relatively easy to clean but that is far from the truth; in fact, a steam cleaner is the ideal cleaning tool when handling these 2 tough cleaning projects:

  1. Gum
    • We have all been there, gum gets stuck on our shoes, our clothing, a piece of furniture or upholstery, a wall or something else and we painstakingly try to scrape and scrub the gum off without causing damage. But, what often happens is just that – damage.  Gum is one of those tough things to clean that often ends in us simply throwing something out and giving up.  Unlike many other cleaning tools that are not only filled with chemicals that are bad for you but may also cause damage to surfaces or upholstery, steam cleaning is a powerful tool that can tackle gum removal without causing damage.  Steam gently cleans and lifts gum so that no damage occurs.  Not sure it works?  CNN explained that when it came time to clean the famous gum wall in Seattle, cleaners turned to the power of steam to clean one of the biggest walls of gum in the world, ” The Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority has hired a contractor to handle next week’s deep clean, the Seattle Times reports. The job will involve an “industrial steam machine that works like a pressure washer,” Kelly Foster, of Cascadian Building Maintenance, told the Times. “This is probably the weirdest job we’ve done,” Foster said. In some places, the estimated 1 million pieces of gum are piled on up to 6 inches thick. Although the market cleans the curious tourist attraction every other month with a steamer, this is the first time anyone has tackled the gum’s complete removal from the original wall, the Times reports.”
  2. Grease
    • If there is one other thing that everyone hates cleaning, aside from gum, it is grease. Whether in a kitchen or elsewhere, grease is one of those things that is very hard and very messy to remove.  It seems like you start wiping away at the grease and all you are really doing is spreading it around more.  Further, in the kitchen grease tends to get stuck in tiny cracks and crevices and all of the hard to reach places that can be very difficult, if not impossible to clean.  The last thing you want to do is spray chemicals all over surfaces on which you will prepare food so it is important to find a food-safe way to clean grease and, fortunately, steam cleaning is just the way to do so.  Steam can penetrate the tiniest of crevices and porous surfaces to lift and remove grease with ease.  No more endless scrubbing to be rid of grease, steam will gently clean grease from all surfaces, as well as disinfect surfaces, leaving you with a spotless kitchen.
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A Super Canister Vacuum Cleaning System

At Vapamore, we tend to focus a lot on the amazing cleaning power of steam but we also produce an exceptional canister vacuum as well.  The MR-500 Vento canister power vacuum system is a top-of-the-line canister vacuum with quality of construction and cleaning that far exceeds competitors.  The inspiration for the MR-500 comes from the Italian word vento which means “wind.”  While steam can clean an astonishing array of surfaces for a variety of applications, we know that there are times when just a vacuum is needed.  But, we did not design any run of the mill vacuum.  With the same dedication we have brought to designing state-of-the-art steam vacuums, our team at Vapamore spent 2 years developing the ultimate canister vacuum with features that not only meet but surpass competitors vacuums that are selling for more than twice the price.

The Vapamore MR-500 Vento boasts some exciting features for such an economically priced canister vacuum, including 1400 watts of total cleaning power, adjustable suction controls, extra large floor head with bright LED lighting, 200 watt electric rotating brush, brush jam reset button, ultra tight turn radius, quiet and efficient operation, 26′ retractable power cord, on-board tool storage, and the largest selection of included accessories.  Further, the Vento’s HEPA filter helps to maintain clean, contaminant and allergy-free air.  So often, in our homes or places of business, our allergies and illnesses could be far better managed or mitigated by an effective cleaning solution but many vacuums and steam cleaners fall short of what is necessary to really eliminate allergens, dust mites, and other contaminants but not the Vento.  With the help of the Vento, your air will be up to 99.97% free from pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold and other allergens so you can breathe easy in your home or business.  The powerful MR-500 Vento canister vacuum system operates at an exceptionally quiet volume so it is pleasant to use, has an adjustable floor height to accommodate your unique and varying needs, is intuitive in its operation and can be used to clean an endless assortment of applications. Because of our deep belief in the quality and durability of our products that have been built for a lifetime of use, we provide our customers with an exclusive Lifetime Warranty.  As with all of our products, we believe in quality, power and effectiveness and the Vapamore MR-500 Vento canister vacuum system is no exception – it meets and exceeds expectations, creating lifelong loyal Vapamore customers.

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Why We Love Steam For Cleaning

Visit any home or business in most of the world and you will find an array of cleaning products specifically designed to target certain areas for cleaning.  Aside from the hassle of needing 5-10 different cleaning products for one home or business, most of them are completely filed to the brim with chemicals.  And, not just commonplace chemicals that are necessary for cleaning, chemicals that have been studied and shown to be potentially harmful and even linked to cancer.  Breast Cancer Fund describes the health risks posed by everyday cleaning products, “We pay a price for all of our modern conveniences: Our homes are now filled with man-made substances that include all sorts of synthetic chemicals, some of which are known carcinogens linked to breast cancer. Everyday items such as furniture, cleaning products, paint and plastic dishes can introduce harmful chemicals into our environment and our bodies. And we’re exposed to lots of potentially hazardous substances that you might not even think of, from dry-cleaning chemicals to the non-stick surface on our frying pans.  To add to the problem, even though we normally equate clean with healthy, most commercial cleaning products take away dirt and grime but leave behind harmful chemicals.”  Even many of the cleaning products that are labeled and packaged as being “green,” “environmentally friendly”, or “natural” are often still filled with hazardous chemicals so determining what cleaning products are safe is incredibly challenging.  There is one simple, cost-effective way to eliminate confusion, ensure no risky chemicals are being used, and still clean and disinfect a wide array of surfaces – steam.

Steam cleaning is not only more effective than most household cleaners but it is far safer.  Steam cleaners simply use water heated to a high temperature to clean as well as remove 99% of bacteria.  While there are many steam cleaners on the market, few are capable of heating to a sufficient temperature to actually disinfect and further, few are capable of propelling steam at such a rate that it provides the best clean possible. Vapamore steam cleaners are the essence of superior design and intelligent engineering.  Motivated by a passion to realize the perfect steam cleaning machine, every Vapamore product is built and rigorously tested to ensure that each machine is up to our high standards.

Our engineering continues to evolve as technology and needs evolve.  We passionately pursue excellence on behalf of our customers and transform the most powerful elements of nature, water, and air into the world’s most advanced steam cleaning technology.  Each of our products offer a 100% natural, chemical-free cleaning that purifies your home and business and protects the health of you, your family, your employees and your customers.  Further, Vapamore products offer the kind of cleaning versatility we all could use because our products can be used to clean kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, flooring, upholstery, linens, mattresses, grout, sporting goods, automobiles, and far more.  So, rather than having to constantly stock up on expensive, chemical-filled cleaning products, invest in a powerful Vapamore steam cleaner and clean your home in a healthier, more effective way.


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Product Spotlight: Vapamore MR-1000 Forza

In a market saturated with products, it can be difficult to discern a quality steam cleaner from a dud.  Sure, there are steam cleaners at every price point and some may even seem like they are doing a good job cleaning but once you have used a truly high quality steam cleaner you will be able to immediately tell the difference in both quality of construction and cleaning ability.  Many steam cleaners you will find at your average big box store are not capable of heating water to a degree that produces steam capable of disinfection or propelling steam at the proper PSI for exceptional cleaning.  It may produce steam that helps get dirt up but that is about it.  High-end steam cleaners, such as the Vapamroe MR-1000 Forza, is a commercial grade steam cleaner that works as both a household steam cleaner and a professional steam cleaner and will produce steam that is 270°- 280° and provide 90 PSI steam pressure.

In Italian, Forza stands for “strength and power” and that is just what the Vapamore MR-1000 Forza brings to the table.  Our steam cleaners are capable of standing the test of time and frequent use because they are designed for performance, endurance and total value.  The MR-1000 Forza commercial grade steam cleaning system was designed over two years of intensive development and testing beause we were dedicated to creating a steam cleaning product with a robust design, truly bringing innovation to the steam cleaning industry.

At Vapamore, we design products that are recognized as top-of-the-line worldwide.  The MR-1000 Forza greatly improves commercial cleaning for hundreds of business owners in a wide variety of industries including star-quality restaurants and kitchens, auto shops and detailing businesses, hospitals, residential care homes, and far more.  Further, experts in pest control recognize that, often, the best pest control does not involve harsh chemicals, but rather, incredibly hot steam that will disinfect and stop bed bugs, dust mites, mold and other allergens right in their tracks.

The MR-1000 Forza infuses custom Italian manufactured CEME® components with commercial grade powder coated steel construction, along with continuous steam flow, computer controller operation and the largest selection of included accessories (50 accessories and attachments!) on the market. Further, it has a specially designed extra large stainless steel boiler with 1700-Watt heater and 90 psi steam output enhance the power and execution of this world-class product. It is truly a complete steam cleaning package, an incredible value and exceptional business tool.  When you invest in a Vapamore product you can rest assured that you are purchasing a steam cleaner that is built for a lifetime of use and the MR-1000 Forza is backed by superior customer service and the exclusive Vapamore Lifetime Warranty.

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