Win the Battle Against Kitchen Grease with Steam Cleaning

Kitchen grease – it is the gross substance left over from cooking a meal that linger and clings to everything in close proximity.  Whether you work in a commercial kitchen or are a home cook preparing meals for your family, kitchen grease happens.  It may be slow and steady or fast and furious but one way or another, it will be there because there is simply no avoiding it.  It will be on your range hood, kitchen cabinets, and anything else anywhere near your kitchen stove.  If you have ever tried to wipe away kitchen grease, you know it is no easy task.  And chemical-filled cleaning products are not always ideal near cooking areas and food preparation surfaces because those chemicals can get transferred to the food you eat.  Further, that grease doesn’t just land on easy to clean surfaces, it flutters and flies around, into tiny crevices that are exceptionally hard to clean.  There is one proven-to-work solution that is better than any chemical cleaning product available, steam cleaning.

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Why All Cleaning Services and Maids Should Use a Steam Cleaner

If you run a cleaning business or maid service there are two major factors in the quality of your cleaning service – cleaning products/tools and hard work.  A house cleaning business runs on efficiency, effectiveness and ultimately, the overall cleanliness of the finished product.  Maid services and cleaning businesses must be efficient but they must also pay for their tools and cleaning products and by keeping those costs to a minimum it increases their overall profit.  When you need multiple cleaning products and a host of tools to clean a few rooms, the job is not just cumbersome but expensive and time consuming.  At Vapamore, we believe the solution to this problem is steam cleaning.

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Which Vapamore Product Is Right For You?

So you have decided to invest in a high quality steam cleaning product for your personal or business use.  Great choice!  But, have you determined what steam cleaner is best for you?  This decision is an important one and will depend on a variety of factors.  While you can certainly invest in multiple Vapamore steam cleaning products, we wanted to help you close in on the specific features of each product so that you can have the information you need to choose the best steam cleaner for your unique circumstances.

  • MR-50 Steam Vacuum
    • The MR-50 Steam Vacuum is a combination steam cleaner and vacuum – a unique hybrid that fuses the power of steam cleaning with the ability to vacuum, all in one hand held machine. It is lightweight and easily transportable, making it ideal for cleaning spills, spots, pet odors and stains, and cleaning and disinfecting as needed.  It produces 210˚ steam, a 1300 Watt water heater, and has two steam modes as well as a vacuum mode.
  • MR-75 Amico Steamer4
    • The MR-75 Amico is a handheld, lightweight, portable steam cleaner. In Italian, Amico means “little helper” and that is exactly what the MR-75 is! It was created specifically for high performance cleaning with 210˚ steam and a 1000 Watt water heater and comes with a huge selection of accessories.  This handy tool may be small (it only weighs 3.5 pounds!) but it certainly packs a cleaning punch.
  • MR-100 Primo Steamer
    • The MR-100 Primo was awarded “Best Steam Cleaner in Class” by the leading consumer rating digest – and for good reason! It provides an exceptionally powerful, deep clean and disinfection using 210˚ – 220˚ steam that is produced by a 1500 Watt water heater.  It comes with an outstanding selection of accessories to ensure you can tackle any cleaning project with ease.  This powerful steam cleaner can clean and disinfect to remove mold, mildew, dust mites, bed bugs, allergens, and more and provides 60 minutes of operation per tank!
  • MR-500 Vento Vacuum
    • The MR-500 is a powerful canister vacuum with over 1400 Watts of cleaning power, adjustable suction controls, extra large floor head with bright LED lighting, 200 watt electric rotating brush, brush jam reset button, ultra tight turn radius, quiet efficient operation, 26′ retractable power cord, on board tool storage, and the largest selection of included accessories.Further, the Vento’s HEPA filter helps to maintain clean, contaminant and allergy free air. Up to 99.97% free from pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold, and all other allergens.
  • MR-1000 Forza Steamer
    • The MR-1000 Forza is the epitome of strength and power in a steam cleaner. It has a 1700 Watt heating element, 90 PSI steam pressure, 270°- 280° steam, computer controlled operation and it’s commercial grade construction is top of the line.  It comes with an adjustable steam output and 50 accessories and attachments!  It is the ultimate cleaning tools!  It provides continuous flow with no down time to ensure you can complete any cleaning job.
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3 Reasons All Schools Should Be Cleaning With Steam

What is more important to us, as a society, than the health and well-being of our children?  We talk often about choosing healthy, safe foods to feed our children, organic materials to clothe our children and more, but sometimes we forget about the effects of chemical cleaning products.  School classrooms are filled with germs and it seems like once one child sneezes, it is inevitable that all children will be sick within a week.  But, when illness spreads children must stay home and not only does it compromise their health but it reduces their time spent learning in the classroom.  So, is the answer to this problem to drench desks, chairs and other surfaces in chemical-filled cleaning products?  No!  While they may disinfect, those harsh chemicals incredibly unhealthy and have been linked to things like asthma and even cancer.  Fortunately, steam cleaning is the ideal alternative to chemical use because it effectively disinfects a wide-variety of surfaces and because it uses only water, it leaves behind no chemical residue.

Many people mistakenly assume that when they use chemical cleaning products that after the surface has been wiped clean and some time has passed, whatever chemicals were sprayed on dissipate and cease to exist on the surface – leaving behind a perfectly “clean” and disinfected surface.  This is, unfortunately, incorrect.  Chemical cleaning products leave behind something called “biofilm.”  Water Quality and Health explains the dilemma that chemical biofilm presents, “It’s easy to appreciate the need to disinfect germs on surfaces, but have you ever wondered how germs exist on surfaces in the first place? Enter the biofilm. In recent years, scientists have increased their understanding of these dense colonies of bacteria that produce an extracellular material that binds a community of different microorganisms together and anchors them to both living and inanimate surfaces… Biofilm formation is a critical issue for almost all surfaces in health care and food preparation settings. Biofilms can grow on medical implants, creating the opportunity for infections to flourish and even facilitate human deaths, for these tough microbial communities can resist antibiotics and evade the immune system. Biofilms on food-contact surfaces in restaurant, institutional and home kitchens afford foodborne pathogens such as E. coli and Salmonella the opportunity to survive. Thus, cleaning and disinfecting key surfaces to prevent or remove biofilms helps to prevent the spread of institutional infections and foodborne illness.”  Steam cleaning disinfects 99% of bacteria on both porous and non-porous surfaces, penetrating deeply to remove all bacteria.  Further, it removes and eliminates biofilm which helps prevent the spread of illness and disease that would normally flourish on surfaces in schools.  All schools should implement the use of steam cleaning in its classrooms, offices, cafeterias and more to help reduce the spread of infection throughout the school year.

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