10 Ways to Use Your Steam Cleaner

    • Use your Vapamore steam cleaner to clean and disinfect all surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom including, ovens, grills, appliances, sinks, faucets, showers, toilets, mirrors, tile, baby toys, pet accessories, carpet or upholstery stains, stone floors, vinyl floors, wood floors, grout, freezers, garage floors and windows. Your steam cleaner can also clean fitness and workout equipment, sports gear, golf clubs and more. Further, steam cleaning is great from cleaning HVAC equipment to ensure your HVAC runs properly and provides the best quality air. Additionally, take your Vapamore steam cleaner outside and use it to clean things like our BBQ grill, patio furniture, garage, automobiles, motorcycle, RV, boat or other small ATV recreation vehicles.  And, don’t forget to steam clean your jewelry, including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.
    • Whether you are cleaning a home construction site during a new build or remodel, or a commercial construction site, Vapamore steam cleaners can handle the job. They can remove wallpaper, vinyl and paper stickers, clean up after fire damage, remove stains, remove graffiti, remove ink, and provide general site and equipment cleaning.
    • If you are cleaning up a site after a floor or fire, a high-powered steam cleaner is the ideal tool because it can remove stains, clean up mold and mildew and help clean up equipment as well.
    • If you or a loved one suffers from allergies chemical cleaning products may only exacerbate allergies. Asteam cleaner can help keep your home free of allergens such as dust mites, spores, mold and mildew.
    • Maintaining your automobiles, motorcycles, boats and RVs has never been easier. Easily detail the interior including stain removal, as well as clean the exterior including the wheels, brake dust, engine compartment, etc.  Additional auto shop uses include grease removal, engine and part cleaning, flushing, and more.
    • Pest control typically involves heavy, harsh chemicals and may not fully eradicate your pest problem. High-powered steam cleaning can kill bed bugs, dust mites, and other pests without the use of any chemicals.  To learn more about removing bed bugs, see our bed bug videos and treatment pages for more details.
    • Grout cleaning can be one of the most difficult cleaning tasks because it requires getting down on the ground and endlessly scrubbing. Steam cleaning makes the process easy and is far more effective.  Steam penetrates the grout to lift and remove stains and leaves behind ground that looks like new.  Clean grout on your tile and stone floors, as well as showers and enclosures.
    • The hospitality industry must stay clean to provide good service and stay up to code. Use your steam cleaner to economically and efficiently clean ovens, cook surfaces, cutting boards, exhaust hood filters, degrease equipment, sanitize surface, clean grills, reduce and remove odors, clean bathrooms, floors, walls, furniture, air vents and much more.
    • Gum is incredibly hard to remove and often can leave stains. Steam cleaning easily lifts and removes gum, as well as cleans stains, to leave behind a clean, undamaged, fully sanitized surface.  Steam clean sidewalks, walkways, tile, cement, and other surfaces.
    • Hospitals and care facilities can clean patient rooms and equipment including bathroom fixtures, showers, floors, furniture, drapery, hand rails, air vents, wheelchairs, bedding and more. This chemical-free cleaning method is ideal for healthcare settings because it is great for pest control and bed bug prevention/elimination, a helps reduce allergens.


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Cleaning Household Stains With a Steam Cleaner

Did you host a lot of guests over the holidays or have a big Super Bowl party that left your home with some stains?  It is fun to host events at home but the stains on flooring, grout, or upholstery that sometimes accompany events are no fun at all.  Food stains can be very difficult to remove and adding cleaning products to the mix often only makes the problem worse.  Steam cleaning is the only way to clean and remove stains effectively and bonus – Vapamore steam cleaners do not use any chemicals. (more…)

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Steam Cleaning in Animal Shelters

There is no debating it – animal shelters do noble work.  They take in pets, care for them, give them the medical attention they need and help them find loving and safe “forever” homes.  But, keeping an animal care facility clean and safe can be challenging.  This is especially true for animal shelters because they care for pets from unknown origins that may have a variety of illness or ailments.  Everything from animal medical care rooms, to grooming stations, to boarding rooms and crates have to be cleaned frequently and well.  Proper cleaning can be challenging on its own, but sanitation is the key to preventing the spread of disease and illness. (more…)

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Are Wearing Those Germy Shoes In Your Home Making You Sick? Kill the Bacteria With Steam!

Every day we encounter bacteria – a lot of it to be exact. Some bacteria is good for us and helps us improve our immune system so that we can fight off common illness and remain relatively health. Other bacteria is far from good for us, in fact, it is downright bad for us. You may think, “I wash my hands and use hand sanitizer, I’m fine.” Or you may think, “I mop once and vacuum once a week, my house looks pretty clean so I’m sure its fine.” Unfortunately, if you are wearing your shoes inside your home, your home may be FILLED with bacteria, and it isn’t all the good kind of bacteria. (more…)

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