3 Ways to Clean Up After a Party with a Steam Cleaner

Throwing a party in your home is always fun, but the cleanup after is usually not very much fun.  Party guests can track things into your home on their shoes, spill food or drinks during the party, use your bathrooms, and more.  Who wants to have hours of scrubbing, mopping, and disinfecting after a party?  Nobody.  But, do not let the cleanup deter you from having fun and inviting people into your home.  There is a solution!  Steam cleaning after a party makes cleanup a breeze and can tackle almost any cleaning task that may come your way!

3 Ways to Clean Up After a Party with a Steam Cleaner

  1. Floors
    • Any time you invite people into your home, they track in a lot of dirt and bacteria on their shoes. Wherever their shoes have been (parking lots, gas stations, grocery stores, public restrooms), that bacteria has now been tracked into your home and onto your flooring.  Further, if people drop food or spill drinks during a party, which they often do, that is now on your flooring.  You could break out the chemical cleaning products, and scrub the tile and grout, mop the floors and try to get rid of everything.  But then you have just added chemicals to your home and spent hours on your knees trying to get the floors clean.  A steam cleaner only uses water to completely clean and disinfect your flooring.  Additionally, it can penetrate even the tiniest of pores in your flooring and grout to lift and remove dirt, debris and bacteria with ease.
  2. Countertops
    • Countertops tend to take a lot of abuse during a party. Whether it is the kitchen counters, bathroom counters, dining table or elsewhere, people put their drinks and food on them without much thought about how dirty it will make them or if it will cause damage.  Fortunately, steam cleaning is a fast and easy way to get all of that food and bacteria off your countertops in every room of your home.  It will leave behind a completely disinfected and clean countertop without any chemical cleaning products.
  3. Bathrooms
    • One of the dirtiest places after any party is the bathroom. So many people have used it and you probably do not want to use your sink or toilet after so many people have without a good scrubbing.  Scrubbing a toilet is a gross task that nobody looks forward to.  And, who knows if you are really getting rid of all that bacteria.  Your steam cleaner can be used on virtually every surface of your bathroom including the sink, countertop, toilet, faucet, bathtub, shower, etc.
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Importance of Steam Cleaning Your Backpack and Luggage

Backpacks and luggage are two things you may not think of when you think of steam cleaning, but you should.  We talk often about how versatile steam cleaners are, they can be used to clean and disinfect almost anything!  And, backpacks and luggage are no exception.  Backpacks and luggage encounter a lot of bacteria out in the world.

Luggage gets placed on the floor, wheeled through bathrooms, airports, airplanes, hotels, streets, sidewalks and many other places that are just crawling with millions of bacteria and dirt. Think about all the surfaces and public places your luggage as encountered.  How clean do you think those surface are?  Many different kinds of luggage have at least a small amount of fabric, if they are not made primarily of fabric.  Not only does bacteria and dirt cling to that fabric, so do things like lice, bed bugs and other pests. Then, when you bring that luggage home and place it on a chair your carpet, you have then introduced those things to your home!

You or your child may also use a backpack for school or just convenience.  Many times that backpack is placed on the ground, or in a pile of other backpacks.  As mentioned with luggage, the ground is filled with dirt and bacteria that is then transferred to your backpack.  Additionally, many schools simply put backpacks in a large pile.  If there is lice or bed bugs on even a single backpack, that can then get transferred to you or your child’s backpack and then to you!  It happens in a matter of seconds and that is why we see so many lice outbreaks in schools today.

Keeping luggage and backpacks clean and disinfected does not have to be a difficult, time-consuming or frustrating task.  Simply grab your steam cleaner and get to work.  By passing over your luggage with your steam cleaner, the steam penetrates fabric and tiny crevices to lift and remove dirt and bacteria.  It will leave your luggage and/or backpack looking like new!  It is a great way to simply maintain the appearance of your investment.  But, even better, it kills bacteria, lice and bed bugs on contact so that you do not have to worry about introducing those things into your home!  The investment you make in your steam cleaner for home, outdoor and auto cleaning offers even more versatility and advantage when you use it to clean and disinfect your luggage and backpacks.



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Keep Your Storefront Clean with a Steam Cleaner

If you own or operate a storefront, keeping it clean may seem like a never-ending task. Cleaning and disinfecting your home can be an unappealing chore and that is you and your family’s dirt and bacteria. So, keeping a store clean that is filled with strangers’ dirt and bacteria can be downright disgusting. People track all kinds of dirt and bacteria into your store, spill things and sometimes inadvertently make huge messes. Additionally, as people simply visit your store to patronize it, they make small messes that add up over time. The last thing you want is your storefront to look messy, that could turn off customers that would normally come inside and make a purchase. To put your best foot forward and present the most appealing storefront possible, the easiest and most effective way to keep it clean is with a steam cleaner.

A clean store is “Good Business 101.” If your store is messy or appears dirty, people may not want to come in or make a purchase. But, it can be challenging to keep a store clean all day because you may not have enough time to get out cleaning products in the middle of the day when customers are coming in. Additionally, the chemical smell of cleaners is unappealing and unhealthy. High-quality steam cleaners, such as the products from Vapamore, utilize only water to clean and disinfect. Sounds impossible, but in fact, it is not. Vapamore steam cleaners are capable of heating water to such a high degree that it produces steam that can kill up to 99% of bacteria! The steam is propelled through a nozzle that can be fitted with a variety of attachments to tackle almost any cleaning project or surface. And the best part is, Vapamore steam cleaners are fast and effective so they are ideal for cleaning stores because it can be done in between customers. The steam uses no chemicals so it will not leave behind a strange smell and it is completely eco-friendly and safe so you and your employees are not exposed to dangerous chemicals. Additionally, chemical cleaning products are expensive to constantly replenish. When you invest in a steam cleaner, you make one up-front investment but after that, all you need is water for cleaning and disinfection. Thus, though the initial investment is more with a steam cleaner, it will more than pay for itself over time in savings. If you own or operate a store, an investment in a Vapamore steam cleaner will make cleaning far easier, more effective and will keep your store looking its best for your customers.

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Why You Need the Ottimo for Property Management Steam Cleaning

Whether you manage residential properties or commercial properties, there is a lot of maintenance involved.  One of the most important things about maintaining any property is proper cleaning and disinfection.  Without it, properties can deteriorate over time, lowering the property value, discouraging people from renting it, and just looking unsightly.  But, property management and the cleaning that is involved can be incredibly time consuming and costly.  Many property managers or property cleaning companies go through an astonishing amount of cleaning products trying to keep things clean and disinfected.  Time is valuable and the longer it takes to clean a property the less time you have for other important management responsibilities. A far better way for residential and commercial property managers to keep their properties clean and disinfected is to use a steam cleaner. (more…)

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Hospitality Industry: Steam Clean to Prevent Pests and Bed Bugs This Summer Travel Season

As the summer arrives and more and more people go on vacation, now is the time to focus on best practices for pest control and elimination.  We have all heard the horror stories – a family goes on a vacation with the hopes of relaxation and escape, and they end up returning home with bed bugs.  Those dreadful bed bugs then infest their home and they have the nightmare of bed bug removal on their hands.  The infestation and spread of bed bugs has to stop.  If you do not already have a plan for pest control and bed bug prevention and removal, now is the time to develop one.  And, at the center of that plan should be a steam cleaner.  Yes, you heard us correctly.  Not chemical cleaners and pesticides that are harsh and often ineffective, what you need is a high-quality steam cleaner. (more…)

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