Your Home Needs a HEPA Vacuum

Investing in the perfect vacuum cleaner can be a tough decision.  There are many models available today, all touting different features, and all at a myriad of price points.  How do you know which will not only get rid of dust but actually provide the best possible cleaning for your home.  This importance is only amplified if you or someone you live with suffers from allergies, asthma, or other conditions that compromise immunity.  Floors harbor dust, debris, dust mites, bacteria, mold, and many other things that can aggravate symptoms for allergy and asthma sufferers and even compromise the health of the immunosuppressed.  (more…)

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3 Businesses That Need a Steam Cleaner

No matter what business you run in what industry, it probably goes without saying that customers and employees have a reasonable expectation of cleanliness.  And often, it is not just a minimal amount of cleanliness that should be achieved.  Customers get a better impression of your business when they walk into a clean setting.  Employees have better morale when they can clearly see their workplace has been well-cared-for.  And, that is just the aesthetic perspective.  It is important to keep your business clean and disinfected so that bacteria does not grow and spread, causing illness.  But, using chemicals can be inappropriate or ill-advised in some settings, such as food preparation, and most chemical cleaning products are exceptionally dangerous.  For these reasons and more, every business should invest in a high quality, powerful steam cleaner and/or vacuum.  Steam cleaners are an economical investment because once you have purchased them; all you need is water to operate them.  Further, they clean and disinfect up to 99% of bacteria without the use of any chemicals.  And, not only that, they are incredibly easy to use and efficient for business cleaning.  Below are 3 businesses that absolutely need to invest in a steam cleaner for their business cleaning needs. (more…)

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International & Private Label Steam Cleaners

At Vapamore, we are proud to have developed a loyal customer base that appreciates the value and quality in our products.  And, while we appreciate that loyalty, we also know that there are occasions where our customers want to use our steam cleaners for their own private label.   You have taken the time to develop your branding and establish yourself with your customers so we understand why you would be interested in using Vapamore products with your own private label.  If you are in the market for a high quality, industrial-grade steam cleaner that is ideal for commercial use, the Vapamore MR 750 or the Vapamore MR 1000 are an excellent choice.  Both the MR 750 and the MR 1000 are ideal for use in extreme-duty residential and entry-level commercial applications.  For our customers, both domestic and international, we offer the ability to have your own private label and manufacturing options for these two very popular models. (more…)

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Steam Clean Pet Stains in 3 Easy Steps

Any seasoned pet owner knows that, from time to time, accidents happen. Having a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can have but just because you own a pet does not mean you have to live with stains and odor. The Vapamore MR-50 Steam Vac is an ideal tool for cleaning wet pet spills and existing stains because it is a combination wet/dry vacuum and steam cleaner. It is the ultimate versatile investment for any homeowner because it can tackle a myriad of cleaning tasks around your home, including frustrating pet stains. First, the vacuum mode can actually extract wet spills instantly and powerfully. That means that the MR-50 Steam Vac can clean wet pet urine effectively. Further, it can be used to vacuum debris including things like cat litter spills on hard surfaces, carpeting, and upholstery. There is not just one steam mode, but two! You have the option to either wet or dry steam clean instantly which prevents pet or other stains from getting set in to carpet or upholstery. While it is always easier to clean a fresh stain, the MR-50 is even capable of cleaning old, set in stains, spots and odors. If you are a pet owner, the Vapamore MR-50 simply is a must-have tool. Below we explain how you can quickly and efficiently steam clean pet stains in 3 easy steps.
Steam Clean Pet Stains in 3 Easy Steps (more…)

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