Steam Cleaning Wine Barrels

When you open a bottle of good wine the first thing you are thinking of is probably not steam cleaning.  But, for winery operators and owners, they know that properly cleaning their barrels is an integral part of producing good wine.  Keeping oak barrels clean is incredibly important because they are a major investment for any winery.  When barrels are properly cleaned and maintained they will last far longer, maximizing the investment.  There are a few options when it comes to cleaning wine barrels but the best option by far is steam cleaning.  As you might imagine, proper cleaning is a significant priority to winery owners and managers because without proper cleaning the wine produced may not be safe for consumers to drink – resulting in wasted time and even worse – wasted wine. (more…)

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Steam Cleaning for the Agricultural and Farming Industry

The agricultural and farming industry uses a lot of heavy duty equipment that tends to get very dirty.  Agricultural and farming equipment comes in a variety of sizes and are used in a variety of ways which means they have different cleaning needs.  Some equipment is used out in the field daily, some inside barns or warehouses, etc.  Agricultural and farming equipment tends to get things like grease, dirt, debris, and other substances on it that are difficult to clean. And, because of the scale of the majority of agricultural equipment, frequent cleaning is just a tedious and time-consuming task that often gets overlooked.  But, proper cleaning is exceptionally important because it extends the life of the machinery and prevents contamination of food products or other products that the farm or agricultural facility might be producing.  A commercial-grade steam cleaner not only makes the cleaning process fast but efficient and effective as well. (more…)

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Use a Steam Cleaner to Flooring Adhesive Residue

When you are installing new flooring you usually have to rip up the previous flooring first.  But, as any homeowner or contractor who has done this before knows – it is no easy task.  It may seem easy at first but soon you realize that all of the adhesive used to hold the flooring to the sub flooring is still stuck.  That adhesive usually doesn’t just lift right up.  Nobody wants to spend painstaking hours scraping and applying harsh, chemical-filled solvents that may or may not remove the adhesive. But, unfortunately, starting with a smooth, clean surface is a critical step to properly installing new flooring.  Without doing so, the bond between the new flooring and the sub flooring may be subpar and could lead to problems with your new flooring down the road. (more…)

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