Clean Buildup on Faucets with Steam Cleaner

June 7, 2018 8:00 am

Regardless of what region in which you live, if you have running water through faucets in your home, your faucets probably develop some buildup over time.  There are different types of buildup from various minerals and substances such as calcium, limescale, magnesium, sodium, silicate, phosphate, and more.  In places where there is a high mineral concentration in the water, buildup can happen very quickly and can be difficult to clean and remove without damaging your faucets.  While there are many different (and expensive) ways to try to manage the mineral concentration in your water and reduce buildup the fact of the matter is that faucets will develop scale or buildup over time no matter what efforts you make to stop the buildup.  But, just because your faucets will develop buildup it does not mean you just have to accept unsightly buildup, reduced water flow, or damaged plumbing hardware – there is an answer – steam cleaning! more »


Don’t Delay Facility Maintenance – Keep Your Business Clean with a Steam Cleaner

May 31, 2018 8:00 am

When you own or operate a business, keeping it clean can feel like a never-ending endeavor.  And, to really keep your business professional-looking it is an every day undertaking.  Whether you run a business office or a retail space it is important to keep things looking their best and well-maintained for your employees and customers.  Deferring maintenance will make your business look run-down, in disrepair, and like your business is not professional or successful.  While there is a lot to clean and maintain in any commercial or business setting, you do not need to defer maintenance when you use a steam cleaner because it is fast, efficient, effective, and offers many cost-saving benefits as well. more »


Kids Home for Summer? Win the Battle Against the Mess with a Steam Cleaner!

May 24, 2018 8:00 am

Summertime is upon us and that means the kids are home all day.  And, that also means, the kids have much more opportunity to make a huge mess around the house!  But, do not fret!  The idea of having to clean a spill or splatter every 10 minutes may sound like your worst nightmare but it does not have to be.  With a portable steam cleaner, cleaning is made easy, effective, and efficient! more »


Keep Food Trucks Clean with a Steam Cleaner

May 17, 2018 8:00 am

Food trucks are one of the hottest things happening in the culinary world today.  Just about every city has a food truck scene with a diverse selection of flavors and culinary specialties.  And, while many food trucks are producing restaurant quality food from a mobile kitchen, the need for supreme cleanliness remains the same as it is in a commercial kitchen.  For food to be the highest quality and safe to eat it is imperative that food truck kitchens be routinely cleaned, disinfected, degreased, and more. more »


How to Clean These 4 Kitchen Areas with a Steam Cleaner

May 10, 2018 8:00 am

The kitchen is a place where many people gather to mix, mingle, prepare a meal and enjoy company.  But, because the kitchen is often a hub of gathering and food preparation, it is often filled with many germs, bacteria, stains, and dirt.  The last thing you want to introduce to your kitchen where food is prepared is harsh chemical cleaners.  Those chemicals could get onto the food you are preparing or breathed in which can lead to many different health conditions and illnesses.  A steam cleaner is an ideal cleaning tool for cleaning throughout your home including your kitchen.  Below are 4 areas within your kitchen that you can easily and effectively clean with a steam cleaner. more »

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